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Welcome to the Zombie Zoo!
This is an NFT project created by an 8-year-old Zombie Zoo Keeper from Tokyo Japan!

Join the the Zoo gang!

Anyone who supports this project is a member of Zoo Gang. With this Discord, you can share your ideas that you want to be zombies. You can get information early on channels that only the owner can see.


​About Zombie Zoo

Zombie Zoo is an NFT project created by an 8-year-old Zombie Zoo Keeper from Japan. It started with his mother during the summer vacation of 2021.He vividly zombienize everything, animals, things, parts of the human body, Alphabet and much more.All works are pixel art handwritten on the iPad.


Phase01 --- 

001- 173- Daily Drops on Every 4pm pst.

Phase02 --- 

From 174-2??
Daily listing + Weekly Mint

Some of them airdrop randomly (current owners & new gang! ).

Phase03 --- 

3D Zombie Zoo in Meta-verse will be launched
Current Owner can get priority.

Phase04 ---
Collaborations will happening with various creators.

Phase05 ---

Zombie Zoo new seasons or new series are coming....?

Meet The Family


Zombie Zoo Keeper Son / Artist

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8 years old. Minecraft enthusiast.


Emi Kusano
Mother / Manager

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Musician Mom who can manage everything.

IMG_1296 2.PNG

Junichi Yamaoka

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Researcher, Artist and supportive dad.

 Zombiezooart at

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